Bob Boylan's September photo workshops

Now you have looked at my website,

It's time to start training others to consistently take more compelling images!

I've selected Durango Colorado for the location and a magnificent bed-and-breakfast that Linda and I have stayed in many times.

The third week of September is the most predictable time for fantastic color. I am offering two separate 2-day workshops in Durango Colorado during spectacular fall color time!

  • September 19 - 20
  • September 22 – 23

Class size is limited to 8 people.

Workshop participants are responsible for their own lodging, meals and transportation

The workshop will be held at the Country Sunshine Bed and Breakfast north of Durango on Highway 550

Please contact Country Sunshine to reserve your room for either the nights of:

  • September 18– 20
  • September 21 – 23.

The cost per person to attend the 2-day workshop is $150.00

  • If both you and your spouse want to participate in the workshop the cost will be $300.
  • Spousal Policy: Spouses (and friends) that wish to join the “field sessions” of the class are required to pay full price. Your spouse is welcome to join our group for meetings and meals at no fee.
  • You will make the workshop reservations with me

Who is the workshop for and what camera equipment do you need?

  • It is for people who want to more consistently create compelling images
  • You must have a camera with the ability to select the mode you shoot in, such as Aperture; select your ISO and F-stop.
  • It is not a workshop if you only shoot with your smart phone.
  • You also must have a tripod

How did this workshop come about?

For 38 years I have been a presentation skills trainer, training senior management of large corporations. And I’m still delivering those workshops, because I love to train.

My credo has been: "I deliver training that takes".

  • People’s actions change for the better; others see

that since it is a highly visible skill set; more people want training!

23 years ago I simply decided to become a professional landscape photographer. Over the years I have steadily improved and sold lots of photography prints.

In July of 2016, I was shooting the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival. After dinner one night, I told my wife Linda, “ I feel like a working professional landscape photographer, I am slightly dusty and tan”. Because you will be when you concentrate on taking great images.

  • I had an "A hah moment” last July 2016. And I trusted my instincts.
  • Since I'm a professional trainer of 38 years, why wouldn't I apply that to my 23 year passion of landscape photography and deliver against the same credo;
  • I’ll deliver training that takes, so you create more compelling images.
  • You might ask why that will happen?
    • My ideas are easy to understand
    • My ideas are memorable
    • My ideas are realistically actionable

I do not personally take pictures during the workshop, but focus 100% on helping you

The Outcome of 2-day photo workshop:

You will actually be doing some things differently to more consistently create compelling images.

Meaning the “Training Will Take”

The most important aspect we will focus on these two days:

How can you more consistently create a compelling composition?

The overall plan for 2 days

The evening before the workshop begins, meaning September 18 or 21, at 7:30 PM, we will have a brief meeting downstairs by the fireplace. Bring your camera and camera manual.

Day 1

7:15 AM we will review what we will be learning that day for 45 minutes downstairs by the fireplace. Please bring a notebook, and your camera and camera manual.

Breakfast at 8:00 AM

9:00 AM out the door with everybody dressed appropriately and your camera equipment.

Shoot all morning

Noon lunch

1:30 PM start shooting

Shoot until 4:30 PM

Return to Country Sunshine

Dinner on your own

7:30 – 8:30 PM: share your pictures using our projector and cabling

Do it all over again day 2

Day 2

Same basic agenda, with new learning to experiment with this day, and see how we did in the evening

Comment on the locations

The locations will be selected so that you can easily experiment with the learning you are receiving.

General subject matter

Skills Training

In any skills training, such as golf, tennis, skiing and photography, we have the opportunity to actually see measurable progress.

Digital photography allows us to do a lot more for free, so we are able to increase our learning at a dramatic rate.

My training style: I deliver few ideas under the concept of "less is more.”

Basic concepts covered

  • Utilize the magic of the digital technology revolution to increase your learning progress dramatically
  • Exposure triangle
  • Realize you are the designer of the composition.
  • Shoot in the Aperture mode 100% of the time. It allows you to use your creativity about what part of your composition should have the "visual weight”
  • Get closer so that you have a foreground that is extremely close
  • Close up photography

Payment details

Reserve B&B with credit card directly with County Sunshine soon because only 6 rooms are available.

  • Please tell them you are taking the photography workshop

Workshop payment

Please email or call me as soon as you register with the B&B so I know you're coming. No money needs to be sent until July 1

July 1 pay 50%, $75.00, by check to:

Boylan Enterprises Inc.
145 Elk Grove Lane
Woodland Park, Colorado 80863

September 1 send balance to same address.

Please call me at 303 902 9590 if you have any questions.

Expect to make measurable, visible progress!

And, you'll probably get slightly dusty and tan!

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